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The Argirakio War Ethnological Museum was founded and works as a Civil non profitable organisation, according to the number 15454/22-9-1994 decision of the Court of First Instance governed by article 784 of Civil Law.


It was founded by Michalis Argirakis, in memory of his parents Ioannis and Kalliopi who were  martyrs at the fight for freedom during the Second World War, losing their lives the former at Chania and the latter at Auschwitz, after being subjected to heavy torture.



The rich collections that the benefactor collected through years of effort, with love and personal sacrifices include important documents and statements of witness from the battles of the Cretan warriors against their opponents during the Second World War, as well as from the Great Resistance that followed in Crete.

Also exhibited at the museum are items of laographical and ethnological interest from modern Cretan popular culture, as well as personal belongings of heroes and martyrs of faith and country.

All exhibitions are hosted at a building that was erected by expenses of the benefactor on land of his own property.  The building also functions as a guest house for visitors.