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The aim of the Museum is

  • the finding, conservation, restoration, exhibition and promotion of all types of war and ethnographical material
  • the development of the awareness of Greek citizens on issues that involve cultural heritage
  • the war virtue and history of Cretans
  • the organization of cultural and humanitarian activities and events,
  • the creation of relevant historical and other studies and
  • the promotion of bravery for the defense of Freedom and the Greek Country.

Through the exhibits, elements from the historical past of the Cretan Civilization can be traced, which account memories and achievements of heroes and fighters of Crete.


"Παντού γυρνώ και κουβαλώ χώμα του ψηλορείτη
τη γης κεντρίζω να γενεί όλος ο κόσμος Κρήτη"