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Born at Elia, a village outside Heraklion, Michalis, along with all his friends, lived the horrors of war. His father, Giannis Argirakis, played an important role in the Resistance and the Battle of Crete. His mother was a fighter. Captain Michalis followed in their footsteps. He lost his parents during the Occupation, and since then he lived focused on the idea of a free country.  He zealously promoted and still promotes the National tradition and struggles in many ways so that the new generation of Greeks doesn't forget the traditional elements of our culture and especially of Crete.

His passion for Greece and its history made him dedicate his life to the collection and exhibition of historical artefacts but also made him travel all around the world in order to inspire the Greeks living abroad, offering them an icon of Christ or a word of consolation. Today Michalis Argirakis is the founder of the Private War Museum



In the last few years, he has received honorary destinctions from the Academy of Athens, the Ministry of Defence, the leaders of the Greek army forces and many Military Organisations. He has also been honoured by the Serbian president Milosevits, the Ecumenical Patriarch (Golden Cross), the War Museum of Australia (the ‘Samson’ medal),  Arkadi Monastery (Golden Medal), the veterans of the Battle of Crete, the mayors of Salonica, Kilkis and Mesolongi, the General Demestihas etc. Finally, he is an honorary member of the Special Forces, the Reserve Officers of Kalymnos and an official citizen of Tilos.



"Η λεβεντιά με το κορμί στη μαύρη γη δεν μπαίνει

κι όποιος την έχει στη ζωή αθάνατος 'πομένει"